Kings Dance Studio
Founded in 1964, we at Kings Dance Studio are providing both adults and children dance tution in either a group class or in a more individual, one-to-one class. We cover a range of different styles of dance in ballroom and latin from the Argentine Tango to the Waltz. We can also help those that need help with their dancing skills for their first dance on their wedding day.

We strongly believe that nobody has two left feet and that anyone can learn to dance if the want to! People who have chosen to learn dance has gained the benefits from this fun, musical, physical and mentally challenging exercise experience. Through learning the various techniques, it promotes a healthy discipline and an achievement goal at any level. From total beginners to an experienced dancer – we can help you improve your techniques and give you the time of your life!

Our tutors are very experienced in the dance industry and have gained a wealth of knowledge into the different styles and how to get the best out of your training. Our principal teacher, Lynda King, is a Fellow and Examiner for the International Dance Teachers Association (IDTA) and a Worldwide Championship Adjudicator – you see, you get nothing but the best! We love nothing more than helping a beginner develop into a beautiful dancer! She says: “Theres nothing more rewarding than to see people progress towards their goal whether it is for social confidence, exercise, pure enjoyment or medal test examinations’.

No matter what type of class you want to take – a group class or in a more individual, one-to-one class – the choice is completely up to you! Some people do prefer to be surrounded by others in a group whilst others enjoy the tailor made option of private tuition. Time and availability is another deciding factor you will need to consider, whether you are working or a person of leisure. For Ford employees, we also operate the EDAP system.

If you have dancing experience, we can offer you a consultation, by telephone or in person, to help you decide which class format will suit you personally. We will also discuss what you wish to achieve from the lessons – are you here to get social confidence on the dance floor or do you have a certain ambition?

We hold both beginner and intermediate advanced classes which operate at various levels. Our classes are weekly and we hold for Absolute Beginners new classes which start annually. However if you wish to start sooner then you can always contact us regarding our ‘Fast Catch Up Courses’. This will in turn you enable you to join one of our existing classes that are on offer.

It has been medically proven that just 2 and 1/2 minutes of doing the Quickstep at an advanced level is equivalent to running a few hundred meters! Even the athletic celebrities on ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ have been enthusiastic about dancing as a way of exercise. You do not need to be athletic to take part in one of our classes though, just the willingness to take part. FACT: One of our pupils, Angela, wore a pedometer during a 1 hour class learning Quickstep & Cha Cha Cha. It recorded that she had danced over 2,900 steps!! We believe theres no better excercise!

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